This Comic Sketch On Matchmaking In Pakistan Has Taken The Internet By Storm!  

Image Source: Teeli's Facebook Page

Not very often do we get to see satire not just being understood and accepted but also appreciated in our society. However, things seem to be changing for better since comic artists, vine groups and meme makers have started claiming their space on internet in the last 6 to 7 years. Thankfully, the topics which were once deemed too divine and sacred to be scrutinized are now being discussed, if not openly then atleast with greater rationality than before.

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The video in question is also an effort in the same direction. Teeli, a comparatively younger but niche brand creating video content for Pakistan’s youth, recently produced a comedy sketch that took the internet by storm. The satirical act was aimed at depicting how matchmaking in Pakistan has reduced to absolute unethical business transactions with each side focusing on profit-making. Nevertheless, if the plot was not enough, they also decided to caricature the characters.

Here have a look at why we and many others could not stop sharing and tagging our friends in the video.

To start off, Parveen Akbar undoubtedly owned the sketch with her hilarious performance. Now, I know she is a veteran actor and nothing less was expected from her; still her ability to effortlessly portray a quintessential Pakistani mother who feels it right to dictate her offspring’s every life decision is not worth less than a standing ovation. Faizan Shaikh’s character as the matchmaker/trader was priceless as well. It took me no time to hate yet laugh at the punch-lines cracked by the actor. So, a big shout out to both!

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That said, the thing that I loved the most was how the writer and director Faheem Azam managed to highlight this social ill so adroitly using a sarcastic tone without offending anyone. The moments when the trader recognizes the mother through her rude demeanor, where the mother rejects girls because of their skin complexion, worldviews, age, life ambitions and selects one on the basis of how perfectly round a roti she can make after measuring it with a geometry compass is all very epigrammatic yet convincing because unfortunately this is the undeniable reality of our society where girls are treated are like objects or properties and matchmakers act like brokers.

As I write this article, the video has more than 21K likes and more than 20K shares on Facebook. This speaks volumes and is a testimony in itself of how successfully Teeli managed to put through a strong message in a satire form so masterfully. It felt like a skit version of an iron hand in a velvet glove.

Way to go team Teeli!

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