Stop Blaming a Person for being an Introvert


“You’re so quiet” is something that I’m reminded of every time I get to meet someone new. What I don’t like about hearing that sentence, is that it’s always said in a negative manner.

I am without a doubt an introvert and have been labeled as shy for as long as I can remember. Honestly, I don’t choose to be that way and if it was possible I would have been fine with being an extrovert. Now that doesn’t mean that I don’t like myself. In fact, what I want to say is that being an introvert is not a bad thing and that I still love myself for who I am.

Like everyone else I love going outdoors, I love taking a long walk (Well! while talking to myself) and I love looking around at the plants, flowers and sky.

People who are close to me understand my nature and look at me in a different way. Frankly, I choose to open up with people who I feel comfortable with. I also know that this is the case with a lot of my friends who too are introverts like myself. Also important is to note that it is not like I choose not to speak to someone. It is as simple as I just don’t talk if I don’t have anything to say! I am an Artist who loves to live in an imaginary world, a plant lover and a philosopher who loves doing things alone!

Still, being an introvert doesn’t mean that the person is completely anti-social. I have a huge social circle and enjoy talking about work with my colleagues at my new work place.

Nevertheless, I am pretty use to hearing some bad things about me. Why? Yes, because I am quiet! People misunderstand and end up judging me as rude or arrogant!

What they don’t understand is that the way I behave is partly because of me being an introvert and partly because I lack confidence. Moreover, typical introverts like myself  generally find socializing very exhausting and find it very hard even though they do want to participate. Additionally, introverts need a short break every now and then to visit one of their favorite places; the world of imagination! As crazy as it sounds the trip allows them to re-energize! I do the same and love myself for what I do!

I hope someday as a society we mature to the extent where we don’t feel the need to judge and blame people belonging to different personality types and understand that being an introvert or an extrovert is normal and that there is nothing wrong about it.


  1. I can relate this article but I would like to mention one thing that introverts don’t lack in confidence every time. Most of the time it is about “does that thing worth mentioning?” or “I can live without this thing, Let it be for hungry people”.

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