Child Labour-Should we be held Responsible?


Allah’s creations are countless and among them He has made us superior. He has blessed us with the power of knowledge and wisdom which is like a key that allows us to unlock the gates of success at every step of life.

Knowledge comes from education and the best time to acquire education is when an individual is still in his/her childhood. However, there are numerous children around the globe who are unable to receive education. Most of them are deprived of this key right owing to financial reasons. Hence, from the very beginning they have little choice but to let go of their dreams.

Moreover, to make matters worse most of them are also forced into child labour. Vulnerable to abuse of different kinds they end up developing physical and psychological complications that go onto hamper their progress throughout their lives.

Having said that it is understood that without the young ones earning multiple families would find it difficult to meet both ends. This sad fact is true in both the rural and the urban areas. Nevertheless, it is not like this problem can’t be dealt with and it is unfortunate that the governments in the third world do not address the matter as seriously as they should.

Pakistan is this regard is no exception. Our governments over the years have failed to curb the practice and the laws in place are yet to be implemented in their true spirit. Therefore, it is about time that to prevent child labor we (the privileged classes) stop relying on the government. Moreover, we must refuse to hire under-age domestic workers and play our role by financially providing assistance to educate at least one child during our life spans. We must also raise awareness and lobby for the implementation of laws that can help in initially reduction and eventually, eradication of child labour in our country.

It is high time we understand that without our active participation young ones will continue to struggle. We are equally responsible and deserve to be blamed if we choose to remain aloof!