San Diego – The World’s Smartest City

San Diego - The World's Smartest City
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So we’ve heard about smart people, smart phones and even smart vacuum cleaners! But there is now talk of creating smart cities and we here in Pakistan, know very little about this concept.

Without going into boring theoretical details, let me introduce you to the world’s smartest city, San Diego (California, U.S.A) and through this example illustrate what a truly “smart city” entails.

San Diego is the eighth largest city of the United States and the second largest of California. It is a beach city and its sea port is its primary asset.

Before becoming a leading name in the emerging concept of “smart cities,” San Diego’s downtown was practically a ghost town! However, following the “Smart City” initiative, things have changed rapidly for the better.

San Diego’s Smart City initiative is the result of a remarkable public-private partnership. This collaboration extends not merely to the city but also to San Diego Gas & Electric, General Electric, the University of California, San Diego, and CleanTech San Diego.

This innovative initiative is aimed at improving the area’s energy independence, empowering its citizens to use electric vehicles, reducing the effect of greenhouse gas emissions, and in the process encouraging environment-friendly economic growth.

While one would imagine that such technical projects would be housed in huge government facilities, you would be surprised to know the central role of the city’s library in making the whole project possible! The library serves as the main connection between the downtown and the city as a whole. The central library is equipped with state of the art technology to not merely make the Smart City project possible but for this reason, it is also considered to be among the most advanced digital libraries in the world. According to researchers, the library is considered to be the blueprint of “libraries of the future.” According to authorities 3000 people daily visit the library which is exceptional in the age of modern technology and social networking.

Similarly, the eco-friendly Research Center, which makes bio fuel with a very common and ancient orgasm, “Algae” is also central to the success of the city.

Additionally, Drone or Global Hawk, an aircraft which is generally known to be used as a combat tool during war is extensively being used in San Diego to conduct geological surveys and to propel scientific growth.

San Diego is the world’s smartest city because of its biological research, progressive academic institutions and cultural diversity. San Diego’s electric and gas system which allows a user direct access to the usage; its clean and green atmosphere and a vibrant community that participates in the growth of the city are important reasons for its success. Eco-friendly electric car system on shore and powerhouses in the ocean truly make San Diego a futuristic city that we can all learn from!