A Pakistani and Indian Join Hands to Create Laughter


With every passing day, borders and boundaries are blurring more and more in the cyber world. Where expensive platforms were previously required for cross-border collaborations between artists, today all that is required is a cell phone with a camera!

YouTube has already given rise to a new-age of celebrities who are neither television personalities nor film stars, neither sports heroes nor politicians; they are average citizens who have the guts to put themselves in front of the camera and take a shot at entertaining – they are YouTubers.

So, what happens when a Pakistani and Indian decide to sit together and poke fun at everything and anything that the people of the two countries can relate to? A laughter riot, of course!

Adnan Nalwala, an Indian businessman based in Oman and Ali Sufian Wasif, a UAE based Pakistani accountant recently decided to combine their comic talents. The 5-minute video that resulted from this collaboration took hilarious digs at famous comedians (read Kapil Sharma), cult movies such as Dar, the Indian premier League (IPL) and even the long running detective series, CID.

Who says a Pakistani and Indian can’t laugh together? In fact, not only can they laugh together but can also create laughter as a team. Here’s proof!

Watch the video and be thoroughly entertained!