Pepsi’s Latest TVC Is Insanely Nostalgic And We’re All Hearts!

Pepsi Latest TVC

Pepsi’s latest TVC hit the screen yesterday and we’re all sinking into nostalgia. The commercial features icons from 5 generations like Zoheb Hassan, Shahi Hasan, Wasim Akram, Reema and Kashmir the Band, a quick walk through evolution of Pepsi and some memorable Pakistani tunes. While the teaser of the ad was released 4 days back, Fawad Khan dropped a hint about the campaign quite earlier with the following post on his social media.

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People were quick to take notice when Zoheb Hassan and Shahi Hasan also commented on the post.

And then to make things more interesting, Pepsi posted this breathtaking picture of all these big stars posing with a Pepsi can.

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Kashmir – the Band itself shared the picture with a caption that explained a lot!

However, there was no way Pepsi was stopping at this. So, the teaser of the ad was released a couple of days back and people were screaming with excitement.

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Just when people were about to lose it, Pepsi’s latest TVC was finally unleashed.

Highlights from the video include Fawad Khan moondancing and time travelling, Zoheb Hassan bringing back Aik Do Kehne Bhi Do to lifeShahi Hasan playing guitar as Hum Hain Pakistani Hum Tou Jeetenge by Vital Signs echoes in the background and Wasim Akram suddenly appearing from nowhere just to hand over a can, Reema’s gracious smile that can light up the sky and Kashmir making some crazy music.

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Here, take a look!

No wonder people were swept off their feet!

Award for the most interesting tweet goes to these two though.

No matter who was looking hotter, this walk through the memory lane by Pepsi got us all overwhelmingly emotional and we can’t stop watching it on repeat. Thank you Pepsi!

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