4 Things You Experience Right After The Nikkah Ceremony

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Nikkah is an important part of a Muslim’s life and therefore, a memorable occasion. And while most couples will remember their nikkah ceremony through the colourful pictures and the excitement of beginning a new chapter in their lives, very few will let you in on the whirlpool of emotions that they spiraled through right after the nikkah.

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So, here is a look at  what most couples actually experience during and right after their nikkah ceremony has concluded.

Cold Feet
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Just when the Imam asks the bride and groom for their consent or may be, even right after they have pronounced those famous words, “Qabool hai” (i.e. I accept), there is a huge probability that the couple will inwardly find themselves wondering if “this” – the marriage – was a wise decision.

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Change is inevitable and for the feet to go cold every time you experience something new in life is but natural. So, don’t worry and understand that a lot of people experience something similar right after or just before their nikkah ceremony. Such feelings are perfectly normal and there’s no reason to overthink or feel alarmed.

Wondering How You Will Deal with Your Spouse’s “Annoying” Relatives

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Every family has at least a relative or two who are either annoying or just the sort of people you want to stay away from. So right after the nikkah one might feel a little scared about dealing with the spouse’s relatives. This often makes one or both the individuals in a couple wonder if they should have given their union greater thought before giving their consent.

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It shouldn’t be a huge concern as long as those relatives do not share the same roof with the couple. It is important to understand that most relatives that one meets during the ceremony are actually quite irrelevant in the long run and that the couple will hardly interact with them as soon as things move on.

You Want to Go Back to Your Normal Life Immediately


The attention one receives on their wedding day can be an overwhelming experience, after which one really wants to go back to his/her normal life immediately.

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Again this feeling is very natural and all you need to do is to give yourself a little time and allow things to settle down on their own.

Barkat or Blessings

Nikkah ceremony

Almighty has His own way of rewarding a couple for obeying His Commandment of performing a nikkah. Hence, there is no wonder that a lot of people feel that they experience barkat or were blessed in one way or the other right after or even before the ceremony took place. The very intention  of nikkah then, some say, resulted for them in a business profit or a promotion or an increment etc.

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As I said, the Almighty has His own way of rewarding you and the reward can come in many forms because neither there is any limit to His blessings nor in the ways He can bless.