People Are Heartbroken After Netflix Abruptly Cancelled Hasan Minhaj’s “Patriot Act”

hasan minhaj netflix
Source: The Indian Express

Comedian Hasan Minhaj left his fans shocked and disappointed after he announced that Netflix weekly talk show “Patriot Act” will not be returning for its seventh season.

He took to Twitter to bid farewell to the fans after a two years and six seasons long journey.

With his savage punchlines and straight from the shoulder commentary, Hasan Minhaj was a favorite, especially among desi Netflix consumers who felt gutted after the sudden cancellation of their beloved show was announced.

The news was certainly a shocker!

It is indeed a great loss for South Asians who needed representation on the web giant!

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The abrupt cancellation of the talk show left many wondering what the reason could be particularly because the show was a certain hit!

The one thing we literally didn’t expect this year but it’s “2020”!

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Yeah, how do we “make it make sense”?

Fans of the show have started a petition urging Netflix to bring back the show!

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