10 Activities To Do During Quarantine Other Than Binge-Watching Netflix

Activities During Quarantine
Source: Gundersen Health System

As social distancing and self isolation measures become inevitable during the on-going coronavirus pandemic, everyone is looking for activities to do during quarantine. Some of us might be handling the quarantine life better than the others, but it does get stressful and boring at times.

Even Netflix seems to have failed many of us and three weeks into self isolation, many of us are quickly running out of content to keep us occupied.

So, if you’re among those who’re pretty much done with spending time in front of the screen watching Netflix all day, here is a list of activities you can engage in during quarantine.

1. Take early morning yoga and workout sessions on YouTube.


There’s no need to be a lazy slob during quarantine. There are plenty of professionals giving yoga and workout classes for free on YouTube. So let’s take this as an opportunity to get back in shape!

2. Keep up with your friends and family virtually


I know that we can’t go out to our friends’ place but you don’t really need to be physically outside in order to chill with your friends. Pick up your phone, start a video conference call and spill all the gossip you’ve been holding out on!

3. Learn that musical instrument you’ve been hiding in your closet.


Remember when you bought that flute or that harmonica? It’s still dusting away in your closet so get that out and finally learn how to play it.

4. Learn a new language


Apart from appearing cool, knowing different languages has many upsides to it. It’s your best chance to grasp that new lingo you’ve always wanted to learn. So download ‘Duolingo’ or any other similar app and start learning.

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5. Improve your handwriting.


You know you’ve got a bad handwriting when even the doctor can’t read it. Take this time to improve on it or learn calligraphy just to be a bit more fancy.

6. Write a short story or get started on that novel you’ve always wanted.


We all have that one particular fantasy which we always wanted to write about. This is the time to write your own story. It doesn’t necessarily have to be good, just write it in whichever way you like.

7. Take art lessons


Some of us are naturally good at drawing and painting while others, not so much! But it doesn’t mean you can’t get better. Learn basic drawing and painting skills from YouTube. It’s a therapy in itself.

8. Learn a new graphic designing software


If you still think you’re worthless when it comes to painting on a canvas, try learning a new graphic designing tool like Photoshop or Illustrator. Knowing your way around these softwares will always come in handy.

9. Experiment in the kitchen with new recipes


There’s always that one recipe which you’re too scared to take on. Now is the time to fight off that demon and fail without regrets. Put on that apron, it’s showtime!

10. Play some board games with the family


No, not Ludo Star. Sit down with your family and play actual Ludo or Monopoly. The sheer thrill of playing a board game the old-fashioned way can never be matched by a silly, wannabe app, now can it?