Father Of Hayat Baloch Identifies The FC Soldier Who Allegedly Killed His Son In Turbat

Hayat Baloch Killed
Source: Samaa TV

Hayat Baloch, a BSc physiology student at Karachi University and the first in his family to go to a higher education institute, was allegedly killed by Frontier Corps (FC) soldier in Turbat in front of his family.

As per reports, Hayat Baloch was visiting his hometown of Turbat when the incident occurred and was shot by an FC personnel at least ten times while his family pleaded for mercy.

The police arrested a soldier of FC on a charge of killing a university student in Turbat, Kech district, after uproar on social media and started an investigation after registering a case against him.

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The brother of the deceased, Mohammad Murad Baloch told the police that “Hayat Baloch had been working in the date orchard his father took on contract after closure of the Karachi University a couple of months ago due to Covid-19.”

On Wednesday, the father of Hayat Baloch recognized the suspect who killed his son, Naik Shadiullah, during an identification parade in Turbat district jail.

Kech district police officer (DPO) Najeebullah Pandrani told that the parade took place under the supervision of a judicial magistrate where other prisoners were also brought along with the suspect. Hayat Baloch’s father identified the suspect three times during the parade.

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Meanwhile, as per the statement issued by the FC Balo­chistan Aug 13, a tragic incident took place in Turbat during an investigation after terrorists targeted an FC convoy with an IED (improvised explosive device) in the Absar area, resulting in injuries to three personnel, including a non-commissioned officer.

FC South Inspector General Maj Gen Sarfaraz Ali visited the house of Hayat Baloch in Turbat and offered a prayer for the departed soul.

Human Rights Minister Shireen Mazari also called for an inquiry into the tragic incident.

“Absolutely unacceptable – the killing by FC of a young boy Hayat Baloch in Aabsir Turbat, in front of his family. While the personnel responsible have been handed to the police & FIR registered, an inquiry must be held to find out how this brazen killing was allowed to happen,” she tweeted.

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