These Baby Things Make Parenthood Struggles Worth The Effort!


Managing infants is a real struggle that perhaps only parents understand. Hours after arrival of a newborn, a goodnight’s sleep becomes a thing of the past and hence, fatigue and exhaustion influence proceedings day in and day out. So what is it that makes parenthood worth the struggle?

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Here is a look at the small things which make it all worthwhile.

3. The Innocent Look

Innocent Baby Look

So, you have had a bad day at the work place and you come back home only to find that your baby is crying for no apparent reason. Frustrated with everything you tell your baby that you are tired and that you don’t understand what’s wrong. The baby goes quite for a minute, listens to you and then gives you this innocent look which is just good enough to make your day! That is the moment which makes parenthood worth the struggle.

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As strange as it sounds but a baby watching you with tons and tons of innocence in his/her eyes is one of the best things that can happen to you and hence, an experience worth living for!

2. The Killer Smile


You are really tired and about to fall asleep when your baby rings the alarm bell, telling you to prepare his/her feed. You rush to get hold of the feeder, prepare milk and then only after half an ounce of feed your baby tells you that it is just enough for now!

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Angry with what happened you ask him/her what’s wrong? They understand none of what you have said and smile at you, leaving you with no other choice but to play with them and become a baby yourself!

We all have this nasty person in us whom babies can kill within seconds by only smiling a little and that makes parenthood worth the struggle.

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1. Baby Cooing

So it is suppose to be a busy day and you are in a rush. You feel as if meeting deadlines on that particular day is a matter of life and death. However, just before you are about to leave for work you hear your baby cooing.

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Time stops, anxiety is like all gone and you understand that everything else can wait till you hear him/her coo again. The ultimate moment that makes parenthood worth the struggle!

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