Mega Project of Rs. 660 Million Starts in Hazara University

Hazara University
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Once considered a periphery district, Mansehra is fast becoming an important region for academic investment. The credit for this can partially be attributed to the vibrant role that Hazara University and its administration has played in putting the district on the educational map of Pakistan.

In line with the efforts to enhance the academic standing of Mansehra, Hazara University recently announced a mega project aimed at building eight new academic blocks within the institute’s premises.

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The federal government and Higher Education Commission (HEC), Islamabad are together funding this huge project that will cost Rs. 660,000,000 (or Rs. 66 crore).

Under the envisioned project eight new academic blocks will be created, accommodating at least three departments in each block. The project will be completed in one year’s time and upon completion, it will add 96 classrooms, 24 lecture rooms and 10 laboratories (catering to different disciplines) to the university’s facilities.

While commenting at the inauguration ceremony of the project, Vice Chancellor (V.C) of Hazara University, Dr. Muhammad Idrees said, “The academic, research and creative excellence of Hazara University is continuously improving and evolving for the best.”

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