Maleeha Lodhi Has To Be The Most Happening Ambassador Of Pakistan To UN!

Maleeha Lodhi Has To Be The Most Happening Ambassador Of Pakistan

If you don’t know Maleeha Lodhi, you’re probably living under a rock. Famous for her poised demeanor, eloquence and exceptional diplomatic skills, Maleeha Lodhi has to be the most happening ambassador of Pakistan to the United Nations. Why do we say so? Here’s why!

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1. Her Twitter Account!

Maleeha Lodhi Has To Be The Most Happening Ambassador Of Pakistan

Unlike previous office holders, Ms. Lodhi is not only active on Twitter but she is also more interactive than her contemporaries on the microblogging website. Catching up with colleagues, celebrities and replying to people tweeting at her, Maleeha Lodhi does it all! Isn’t it cool?! See for yourself!

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2. Her Vibrant Social/Diplomatic Gatherings!

If you follow Ms. Lodhi on Twitter then one thing you can’t go without discussing are those numerous grand gatherings she attends and the diverse guests’ list she hosts almost every other day.

Young aspiring women, new representatives joining UN, renowned fellow countrymen or UN Secretary General, she has struck a pose with them all!

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3. Named Among The World’s Five Most Successful Women Diplomats!

Earlier this year a popular Russian news website named, “,” enlisted Maleeha Lodhi as one of the world’s most influential women diplomats. In’s words, Maleeha is hailed as “One of the most famous female figures in the Muslim world,” who has the experience of serving as Pakistan’s ambassador to the United States twice. Bringing immense pride to the nation, Ms. Lodhi has indeed proven her mettle worldwide, reason why she enjoys such popularity both inside and outside the country.

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4. She Will Give You Wardrobe Goals!

Maleeha Lodhi Has To Be The Most Happening Ambassador Of Pakistan

Among all these things, her style statement is another area which never ceases to impress. Bright colored printed scarves with cardigans in the shades of black render elegance to her looks. However, for me it’s the way she carries herself that makes her an epitome of sheer grace. No wonder her attire will give you wardrobe goals!

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5. Her Never Ending Efforts To Promote Cultural Diplomacy!    

Maleeha Lodhi deserves all the accolades for not just laying the foundation of cultural diplomacy in the case of Pakistan but also taking it to a whole different level by organizing landmark events. One such example is Lahore Literary Festival, which marked its third year in New York a few days ago.

Moreover, she always uses her platform to motivate and celebrate the young talent of Pakistan!

While Maleeha Lodhi continues to inspire and bring pride to the nation, we hope that young aspiring diplomats and politicians follow in her footsteps to improve the country’s image in the international arena.

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