How To Tell If She Is Interested In You Over A Text Message Conversation

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You might or might not be the flirt type and you might or might not be interested. But towards the end of the day we are all ordinary people with no superhero-like abilities. And so, regardless of age, marital status, color, creed etc. we as men become very, very, very HAPPY as soon as we realize that a girl is hitting on us!

More often than not it is obvious. However, in a text message conversation for all the obvious reasons the probability of not realizing what she is trying to explain – even if she makes an extraordinary effort to articulate – is pretty high.

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So here is a look at top 3 signs that tell if she is interested in you over a text message conversation.

Beware that signs mentioned below mean that there is a high probability that the girl who is in conversation with you is interested. However, interest or no interest you can end up in trouble any way, if you choose to behave like an idiot!

She Initiates the Conversation

She initiates the conversation!

Expecting most men to behave like freaks, girls generally avoid unnecessary contact. Still, if she keeps texting you and normally is the one to initiate a conversation for no obvious reason there is a high probability that she likes you and is waiting for you to reciprocate.

Moreover, if she keeps the conversation going even when she can wind things up, it is a clear indication of her showing interest.

Watch Out for the Words
Watch out for the words
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You have good reason to be a very happy man in case she keeps teasing you or plays cute during a text conversation. Watch out for the emoticons, watch out for the words!

She Gives You Hints and Tells You Not to be Afraid

Take the hints

Watch out for the hints and see how she molds a conversation. If she keeps talking about stuff like relationships, keeps telling you what she expects from a life partner and keeps telling you to open up or not be afraid; she’s most definitely hitting on you!

If the girl is showing all these signs but when you ask her out, she says, “No,” don’t be a jerk and respect her decision because in every language and culture, NO means NO!

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