Roy Moore’s Defeat Is A Huge Win For The #MeToo Movement

Roy Moore

For almost a month, the US liberal media was in an acute state of frenzy. Well, in all honesty since Trump’s win earlier this year, the liberal media has been in a state of perpetual frenzy. However this past month Donald Trump was not the only “politician” giving them sleepless nights.

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You see, the #MeeToo movement after bringing down one high profile celebrity after another reached the doorstep of one, Roy Moore.

For the benefit of those who aren’t Americans, Moore is a politician and former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the state of Alabama. He was the Republican candidate running for the 2017 United States Senate special election and was a favourite to win.

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However, the #MeToo wave reached him before he could sweep the senate elections. Three women came out to report that Moore had sexually assaulted them when they were teenagers. One of the accusers was only 14 years old at the time of assault.

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Responding to the allegations, Roy Moore had stated that he might have dated teenage girls but never someone who was underage.

However, in the face of staggering proof given by the accusers (e.g. hand written notes given to them by Moore), there was little reason to believe his denials.

This brings us back to our original point: the US liberal media was in an acute state of frenzy for the last one month.

This excitement was partly due to the nature of the scandal and the animated denials of the accused. The primary source of nervousness for the liberals, however, was the likely victory of Roy Moore despite the scandal.

For a month there it seemed quite plausible that the people of Alabama would turn a blind eye to the child molestation charges and put Moore in Senate.

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The Daily Show team spoke with the people of Alabama following the sexual assault scandal. Most citizens felt that Roy Moore was being politically victimized by the Democrats.

In the week following-up to the elections liberal voices from all walks of life came out strongly against Roy Moore, urging the voters, especially women and people of color to vote in favour of the Democratic candidate, Doug Jones.

The clamor and negative publicity had earlier forced a few Republican leaders to distance themselves from Moore’s campaign. There had also been calls from within the party leadership for Moore to step down.

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Unfortunately for the more enlightened Republicans, President Donald Trump put his weight behind Roy Moore last week. This naturally forced the dissenting Republicans into silence.

However, weeks of anxiety finally came to a head last evening.

In what has been quoted as an election miracle, Doug Jones defeated Roy Moore in the senate state elections yesterday. For many this might seem like a logical conclusion to a campaign marred with such serious allegations, however truth be told, defeating Moore was no easy feat.

It is however, important to point out here that Republicans are not the only ones struggling with sex scandals. The democrats too recently faced huge embarrassment when Senator, Al Franken (a Democrat) was forced to step down after several allegations of sexual misconduct were reported against him.

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Moore and Franken are testaments of the fact that people – not just in the United States but all across the globe – will have to rise above political loyalties to stand up against sexual offenders and bigots.

Moore’s defeat has set an important precedent for voters around the world and one that should not be forgotten as a one-off happening in an otherwise uneventful US state. If a Republican stronghold like Alabama can stand-up against its once beloved, Roy Moore, there’s no reason for citizens in other democratic countries to shy away from their responsibility when and if the opportunity arises.

More power to the people!