3 Things You Can Do To Slam The Door In Gham Hour’s Face!

Gham Hour

You’re probably not keeping up with the trending internet lingo in Pakistan if you aren’t familiar with the term Gham Hour! A rather funky name for post midnight sadness, when Gham Hour hits people, they tend to do things that they will regret later like messaging their ex, oversharing with a friend or simply turning to Twitter for self-reflection.

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Now, don’t confuse Gham Hour for being an explanation for Trump’s late night covfefe tweets. That’s whole another ball game! Remember, there’s a difference between being drunk and being Ghamgheen (sad).

If you are also a victim of this phenomena and want to fight it out, then my friend you have come to the right place! Because we’re giving out untried, untested and free advice (at least we are being honest about it) on how to slam the door in Gham Hour’s face. Take a look!

1. Looking For People Who Are Worse Off Than You!

A questionable and petty way but, in order to acknowledge your blessings and be grateful for it, every once in a while, look for stories of people who are doing worse than you at life.

Not only will it make you value what you have but will also inspire you to keep on going!

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2. My Granny’s Advice: Drink!


Although, my maternal grandmother is completely unaware with the term itself, she does understand the feeling! How do I know? Because many a times I have heard her advising that whenever you are on a bit of downer at night and can’t put yourself to sleep, drink some cold milk!

I don’t know the medical explanation for it. Honestly, I never even tried looking it up. It’s just that it works for me and I thought it might help you as well in curbing the Gham Hour.

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P.S: I know I had you at, “Drink!”

3. Stop Romanticizing The Experience!

Gham Hour
Image Source: Shughal.com

A wise person once said and I quote, “there is no harm in being happy and no virtue in being sad.” While second guessing yourself, questioning all your past choices and consequently, self harming your esteem is something we all go through at some point in our lives, romanticizing the whole experience is not only toxic but bizarre.

You don’t need to be worried if you don’t feel this way. Doesn’t mean you are shallow or insensitive. It goes on to show that you are someone who always looks for the silver lining.

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In brief, don’t celebrate Gham Hour for the sake of few likes and retweets and if the feelings are authentic, try improving the condition instead of deciding to live with it. Reach out to your friends, family or for that matter a therapist! Feel no shame in accepting your problem and discussing it with your loved ones to find a solution! That’s how it is supposed to be!