Everyone Has These 5 Types Of Co-Workers In Their Office!

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Have you ever stopped to wonder how people every where in the world are so similar! It doesn’t matter if you are in Pakistan or North America, chances are that a group of people will act the same way when confronted with similar circumstances. It’s mind-blowing how the human brain is wired in such a uniform manner!

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Let’s take the example of people in an office space. No matter who you are and where you work, there’s a good likability that you’ll come across these 5 types of co-workers in your work space.

The Gossip Group
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It is almost impossible not to start with the group that does nothing but gossip because no one can claim that they didn’t ever work in a place that was devoid of gossip.

It is like these people were programmed to completely ignore their job descriptions, waste their own and everyone else’s time and to spread and take all the gossip there can possibly be.

If you know someone in your office who likes to gossip then my friendly advise would be to stay away from them unless you too, want to become the subject of some nasty office gossip.

The Incompetent

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To be very honest, “incompetent” isn’t the word I wanted to use but being polite is the key here.

We are talking about people at offices who are no good at their jobs and the only thing they are known to do right is to butter up their superiors.

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What do they get out of it?

Well, their job stays secure and they are always highly regarded in the company without really having to work hard! These people also like to steal credit, spread rumors and will back stab their co-workers to keep their position unharmed.

The IT Guy
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I’ve never liked the IT guy or the IT team at any of my offices. My reason is quite simple: these people think that they are the only people in the world who are working, their job is the most important job in the entire office and they often sport an unpleasant attitude.

They especially dislike those co-workers who might have an above average knowledge of IT.

The Fashion Police
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There is always a group who seems to be part of a fashion parade. Without any exaggeration, I have known people who were so serious about their appearance that I never saw them repeating a dress or having a bad hair day.

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Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong in following the latest fashion trends and always looking good. If you can afford it then please, by all means, you should do it!

The Workaholics
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These are my kind of co-workers. They are punctual, organized and the best thing about them is that they would not bother you at all.

They will do their job and will also help around colleagues with their workload. You will hardly see them taking any off days. It’s almost like they have no life outside the office and they are completely immune to diseases.

What kind of co-workers have you been working with? What is your most favorite type of co-worker? Share your views in the comments below!


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