Celebrities Mourn Junaid Jamshed


The PIA plane crash near Havelian yesterday resulted in depriving Pakistan of one its most celebrated icons – Junaid Jamshed.

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Many grief-stricken Pakistani celebrities took to social media to express their sorrow and remember the legacy that has been left behind by Junaid Jamshed.

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Fakhr-e-Alam was among the first to break the news via his Twitter handle.

The news soon spread like fire in the woods, leaving everyone in a state of shock and sadness. Tributes for the former singer continue to pour in as this piece is filed.

The list of celebrities who mourned Junaid Jamshed was not restricted to any one walk of life. Actors, singers, sports personalities and politicians all seemed one in their sorrow. This just goes to show the love and respect that Junaid Jamshed commanded in his lifetime and how his sudden departure is as much a loss for his friends and colleagues as it is for his family.


The masses in general were also left heartbroken and depressed.

Celebrities from the neighboring country also paid their condolences to the family and friend of Junaid Jamshed.