Abdul Razzaq Cheated On His Wife & He Seems Quite Proud About It!

Abdul Razzaq cheated on his wife
Image Source: Screen shot from Twitter

Former all-rounder, Abdul Razzaq cheated on his wife and going by his interview aired on a television channel recently, he seemed quite alright with his crass behaviour.

Admitting that he had had multiple extramarital affairs, Abdul Razzaq said, “The attraction was always two-sided. The moment I ‘proposed’ someone, she also admitted to being interested. But then the romance would die out in a year or so.”

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The cricketer seemed proud of his “exploits” as a married man and shared that he had had at least 5 to 6 affairs. When the host, Hadiqa Kiani asked whether these affairs had been before or after marriage, Abdul Razzaq did not miss a beat before saying, “After marriage.”

He even shared that one of his extramarital affairs had lasted almost a year and a half.

The crowd as well as the host and Nadia Hussain – the second guest on the show – all seemed to take this revelation quite lightly, laughing away rather joyously!

As for us, we’re just unsure of whether to laugh or to cry at Abdul Razzaq’s acute lack of integrity for cheating on his wife!

It is one thing to have an extramarital affair and talk about it because one wants to come clean but it is quite another to brag about.

To say the least, we’re extremely disappointed and have nothing but the best of wishes for his wife for putting-up with a man so faithless.