#MeToo: Here’s A Summary Of All The Testimonies Against Ukhano So Far


Trigger warning: Sexual Harassment

A conversation that started on Pakistani Twitter in the wee hours between Tuesday night and Wednesday morning blew into a national scandal by Thursday. At the heart of this scandal lies, Youtube vlogger and internet personality Umar Khan, who goes by Ukhano.

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Numerous has been accused of sexual misconduct by numerous women and girls online. Proof or no proof – it is evident that we cannot turn a blind eye to the multiple testimonies from these women (whose names have been censored for this piece on grounds of privacy).

Testimonies against Ukhano

A number of screenshots surfaced of Ukhano conversing with girls on Snapchat and attempting to steer the conversation towards a more sexual course. In many of these screenshots, the women on the other end seem to be uncomfortable with Ukhano’s unsolicited advances. Additionally, the vlogger stops the women from taking screenshots of that chats – probably explaining why he used Snapchat in the first place; a social media app where messages disappear after they have been viewed.

According to the females who spoke up, Ukhano would give sexual compliments and tell women to send him “bold” pictures along with asking them out on dates. Furthermore, he’d block women who refused to “play along.”

Several others accused Ukhano of using his celebrity rank, social status and popularity to prey on naïve girls by asking them for explicitly sexual favors.

It’s important to realize that these allegations aren’t ones that should be taken lightly – there is, after all, a fine line between flirtation and harassment.

Here’s what the Youtuber said about the entire situation in a 1 minute video on social media.



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