6 Types of (Mostly) Annoying People on Ludo Star

Annoying People on Ludo Star
Image Source: https://www.facebook.com/ludostarhd/

As a Ludo Star addict I have deep insights into the types of people who flood this forum. I have gathered so much intel in the last few months alone that I’m seriously considering to make Ludo Star the topic of my M.Phil dissertation.

However, as a first step I felt obligated to share my inside information with the rest of you. Consider this my way of warning you against the advances of these six (mostly) annoying types of Ludo Star players.

1. The Play Fast Brigade
Types of Ludo Star players - The Play Fast brigade
Image Source: https://www.facebook.com/ludostarhd/

Now this is an abundant breed and they are perhaps the most annoying ones.

A lot like the U.S that keeps chanting, “Do more,” these guys will bombard you non-stop with their, “Play Fast!” mantra.

You would think they have something really important to do maybe; like save the world or find a cure for cancer but ager aisa hai tu mat kehlo ludo Bhai!

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I say, enough of this, “Play fast,” nonsense! Some of us like to play ludo like chess. We like to make calculated moves –  or maybe we’re just slow at math – but we have the right to play the game at our pace.

Also when it’s their turn they themselves take all the time in the world! Hypocrisy much?

2. The Tharkis
Types of Luso Star Players
Image Source: https://www.facebook.com/ludostarhd/

Yes, tharkis are everywhere and Ludo Star is no exception. In fact Ludo Star is a breeding ground for aspiring tharkis all over the world.

No barrier can stop them from hitting on you! Language is not a barrier, your geographic location doesn’t matter. If you’re a girl the tharki will make a move on you within 5 seconds of the game by sharing his a/s/l. If you’re a guy, they will gently probe if you’re not hiding your true identity. Very thorough, I must say.

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These guys are persistent and resilient. Rumor has it that they too can score and they come armed with emoji’s and creepy pick up lines. They will literally bend over to get that Whatsapp number or your Facebook ID. Remember anything goes!

3. The Damsel in Distress
Ludo Star
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Yes, they are there! We are just being politically correct and not calling them out. These girls will kill your gottis mercilessly but when they are in the same spot they will turn into these damsels in distress, pleading, “Please don’t kill!”

Now a tharki over here will happily take the bait and oblige but a true gentleman will ignore and charge to victory.

4. The Negotiator
Types of Ludo Star Players
Image Source: https://www.facebook.com/ludostarhd/

This is a new breed. These people will ask you to leave the game and take their money. Do not fall for them! These scammers are just leeches looking for a quick win. Be very mindful of them. You have been warned!

5. The Habibi
Types of Ludo Star Players
Image Source: https://i.ytimg.com/vi/OTxWSxzoxeM/hqdefault.jpg

It seems after us desis, our friends from sar-zameen-hijaz are also big fans of Ludo Star. Now I get the Muslim brotherhood, ya Habibi but I simply do not understand Arabic and it fails me why even despite telling you that, you’re persistent to converse with me. MAFI! MAFI !

6. The Annoying Couple
Couples on Ludo Star
Image Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pvFxYnpVC5I

Yes, they are here too! Now I know we thought Ludo Star would be the perfect refuge from these love birds but sadly, it’s not.

These love struck couples will not tone down the PDA and would ruin your game by talking s**t like…

“Melay baby ney khana kha liya?”

“Baby ko neeno aiee hai?” .

Bus ker du yarr, BUS! Get a room! Like koi tu jaga chor du. Idher bhi :/

Which type am I? Now, why would I tell you that!


  1. I really love this article. But i face the issue when i download ludo star it doesn’t work. Then i will type in google ludo star online game. And download the v32 from ludo star site. Now my game works. Is there anybody who have same issue? My all gold will deleted. How to get it back?

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