You are Likely to Face These Challenges if You are an Independent Filmmaker!

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Owing to multiple reasons independent filmmaking is no longer as difficult as it used to be during the 1980s and 1990s. Still, there are certain challenges an independent filmmaker must overcome in order to generate profit.

Here is a look at what those challenges are and how they make a difference.

5. Hiring the Right Equipment

Even before you come up with an idea there is a need to update yourself on the minimum technical standards required to screen the final product on different platforms. Outdated equipment could easily ruin an entire idea while you are executing it and it is only obvious that a financial plan cannot be put in place without knowing which equipment would be employed and how.

4. Raising Funds

This is an obvious. No matter how good an idea there is no point proceeding with it without finalizing an appropriate financial plan. Most independent filmmakers around the globe either get hold of a donor or a sponsor or work extra hours for a significant period of time to save enough for their venture.

3. Team Building

An independent filmmaker eventually has little choice but to take up additional roles and responsibilities to save cost and to avoid as many tantrums as possible from the support staff who more often than not are not as enthusiastic as the filmmaker him or herself.

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Nevertheless, since it is not possible for an individual to execute everything, building a small team that comprises of professionals who are dedicated and understand the dilemmas associated with low-budget production is an important and one of the most difficult of all challenges to overcome.

It is for this reason that a number of ventures end up being shelved half way through.

2. Extra Hours of Work

From the word go to the very point where you have somehow managed to sell your product there is  no other choice but to put in extra hours of work . This means less sleep and a lack of time for friends and family.

Therefore, apart from determination an independent filmmaker before initiating a project also needs to take on board people around him for them to know that he or she is going to be in a middle of a bumpy ride soon and that during the period everybody around would be required to remain calm and patient.

1. Distribution Strategy

Most independent filmmakers find themselves exhausted once they are done with the post-production phase only to find out they will have to put in least the same numbers of hours to final and execute a marketing strategy without which the entire effort would make little or no sense at all!

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To cut the long story short despite the whole process not being as difficult as it was two or three decades back, it is still lengthy enough to test one’s determination and nerves with it!