6 Things People Do When They’re Alone But Would Never Admit

things people do alone Hania Amir Mahira Khan
Source: UrduPoint

Here is a look at our list of 6 funny things that people do when they’re alone but would never admit to doing them publicly!

1. Talking to one’s own self

Ok, what’s up with this? It’s a little scary but I suppose we all do it and hence, there is no reason really to freak out. It is embarrassing nevertheless, if anyone of us is caught doing it.


2. Social media stalking

So, they tell you that they have been on social media and have never stalked anyone! Liar, liar pants on fire!


3. Bathroom Singing

All big careers started from the bathroom. What do you think and why yes?


4. Winning arguments in the shower

Admit it. Shower is the place where we win all the arguments. Well, even the ones which we actually lost 5 days… months… or years ago.

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5. Posing in the mirror

It is very normal for people to pose in the mirror or check themselves out or even act their favorite scene. A little self-admiration is alright.


6. Talking to pets

There are people who do that and do that in a way like it’s a proper conversation. Many Dr. Dolittle around us.


Can you think of some other things that people do when they are alone but never admit to? Do share in the comments section!