5 Fun Places To Hangout On Chand Raat If You’re In Islamabad!

Places To Hangout On Chand Raat If You're In Islamabad fawad Khan Mahira Khan
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Do you ever wonder who “invented” the idea of partying all night on chand raat? I mean there’s literally no one who doesn’t go out with the sole intention to have fun on the eve of Eid. Some just go out to have a good dinner while others want a feel of the insanely crowded roads and bazaars. Then there are those who, for reasons better known to them, deliberately leave some of their Eid shopping for chand raat!

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No matter which category of chaand raat-ers you belong to, we’re sure you’re already planning how to make tonight fun! So, we decided to help you out with a few pointers!

Here are 5 fun places to hangout on chand raat if you’re in Islamabad!

Jinnah Super and Super Market
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Jinnah Super (F-7) and Super Market (F-6) are two humongous commercial hubs for two separate sectors carrying the same history and life style within. These multi-purpose markets attract massive crowds on festive occasions and a lot of people just show up to become part of the celebrations a night before Eid.

Coffee Shop Area in F-11
F-11 Markaz islamabad Coffee Planet
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The coffee shop area in F-11 Markaz is one of my favorite places to be on chand raat. It is mostly because it houses multiple coffee shops and food joints at the same spot. I absolutely love being part of the huge number of young cliques that frequent F-11 Markaz on special nights like chand raat!

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This chand raat if you are planning to meet your friends over coffee in the outdoors then F-11 Markaz is the right place for you.

Centaurus Mall
centauras mall islamabad
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Centaurus Mall is a relatively new “in thing” for chand raat celebrations in Islamabad.

If you’re a last minute shopper with a deep wallet, this is your heaven!

If you have children then you can also give them their chand raat treat by taking them to Fun City to indulge in joy rides and video games.

F-10 Markaz
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F-10 Markaz is an ideal place for the residents of F-10, F-11, G-10, G-11 and E-11 to do their chand raat and Eid shopping. Having a vast variety of male and female (branded and non-branded) garments’ shops, foot wear and other utilities it is the right place to be on chand raat.

Once done with your shopping, you can enjoy fresh juices, lemon soda or if need be choose from multiple available restaurants and have a nice dinner.

When it comes to food, F-10 is more famous for its barbecue and roll paratha joints. Try them out tonight!

F-9 Park
F-9 Park
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I believe we don’t all want to be in a crowd on chand raat. There are quite a few people who enjoy the silence, away from the maddening crowd.

F-9 park is an enjoyable place for the people who like it low and slow.

If you like taking an aimless stroll under the starry sky then you should spend the eve of Eid in F-9 Park.

In fact you’ll be surprised to see the number of people present there for a silent walk just like you because crowds and partying isn’t everyone’s style.

What places do you go to on Chand Raat for fun? Share by commenting below:  


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