3 Things You Can Relate To Only If You’re A Chand Raat Person!

Things You Can Relate To Only If You're A Chand Raat Person

Being a Chand Raat person is exactly like being a morning person, not everyone can pull it. It takes a special kind of enthusiasm and energy to be able to make the most of Chand Raat. Now that we are just a day (not confirmed yet) away from the event, let’s take a look at the 3 things you can relate to only if you’re a Chand Raat person.

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1. You Deliberately Leave Certain Tasks For The Eleventh Hour

Things You Can Relate To Only If You're A Chand Raat Person

Now, buying meat, fresh fruits and vegetables at the last moment is understandable because you don’t want to feed your guests stale food. However, leaving things that can be sorted out earlier for the eleventh hour is something you do intentionally so that you can enjoy the rush!

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Getting Mehndi (Henna designs on hands); giving your Dupatta to tailor for Pico; buying bangles and footwear; buying envelopes for Eidi; picking up clothes from the tailor or even going for a last minute spa services, all these tasks keep you on your toes on Chand Raat and you actually like the whole episode because it makes you feel that something grand is coming your way, after a month of prayers and fasting.

2. For You, Chand Raat Is An Event In Itself!

Things You Can Relate To Only If You're A Chand Raat Person

There are some people who treat Chand Raat similar to preparatory leaves given before examinations so that the students can prepare themselves for the final showdown. But that is almost a sin in the eyes of a Chand Raat person who sees the event as nothing less than a celebration in itself. So, if you are a Chand Raat person, chances are that you’ll have 4 instead of 3 days of celebration at your disposal which subsequently calls for 4 instead of 3 dresses.

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Chand Raat shenanigans are something that you plan in advance and it wouldn’t be an overstatement if I say that at times you feel more excited for Chand Raat than you do for Eid. In brief, Eid for you is as incomplete without Chand Raat as any wedding is without Dholki in the South Asian region. You just can’t skip this celebration!

3. You Go A Little Extra On Chand Raat Wishes!
Things You Can Relate To Only If You're A Chand Raat Person
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While usually people only send Eid wishes to their friends, family and acquaintances, a Chand Raat person finds it a ritual to send, “Chand Raat Mubarak!” text messages to each and every person they have ever met in their life. From the gatekeeper to the CEO, no one remains deprived from these contagious vibes of a Chand Raat person.

In fact, you make an effort to wish something different on every Chand Raat by using creative gifs, funky font styles and cheesy liners. Needless to say that a Chand Raat person utilizes their high spirits to the best of their abilities in order to ensure a festival like ambiance.

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Note: If you aren’t a Chand Raat person, please refrain from mocking such happy souls and ruining it for those who actually love celebrating Chand Raat