10 Radiant Pictures Of Usman Mukhtar and Wife Zunaira Inam From Their Mayun

Usman Mukhtar mayun
Image source: Instagram

Usman Mukhtar, who had his nikkah with his wife Zunaira Inam in an intimate but extremely gorgeous setting in April, has officially kickstarted his wedding festivities with the Mayun ceremony.

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Now, almost seven months later, Usman sported a beige shalwar kameez with an embroidered shawl to complete his look for the Mayun. Zunaira, on the other hand, wore a matching silk ensemble and accessorized it with traditional jewelry.

Both of them looked absolutely gorgeous and exuded happiness and happiness only, Ma Shaa Allah!

The Mayun bride even twirled in happiness to fully celebrate the occasion.

Their friends and close family members were also gathered for the event.

And here’s Usman Mukhtar all lathered in ubtan on his Mayun.

And here’s both of them all covered up in ubtan.

Both the husband and wife chilling on their event.

Last, but not least, a picture of the decor.