In A Rare Show Of Solidarity, PTI Condemns Ink Attack On Khawaja Asif

Ink attack on Khawaja Asif

By now the ink attack on Khawaja Asif yesterday is old news. However, for those of you who might still be unaware of the distasteful incident, here is a quick recap.

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Minister for External Affairs, Khawaja Asif was in Sialkot yesterday addressing a rally of PML-N workers. A man, identified as Bilal Haris, mounted the stage behind the minister and as soon as he was close enough, he threw ink on Asif’s face.

The accused was immediately taken into custody. However, he was later released on Khawaja Asif’s insistence, who stated that the accuser did not have any personal enmity with him and had probably carried out the act on a political rival’s behest in return for money. The accuser, on his part maintained that he threw ink on Khawaja Asif because he believed that the latter was a blasphemer.

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Needless to say, as soon as the word got out, the ink attack on Khawaja Asif became national news and a viral trend on social media.

Interestingly, in a rare show of solidarity, leaders and supporters of PTI have come out in the minister’s support, condemning the incident.

Many citizens have also taken to the micro-blogging website to caution people against condoning the ink attack on Khawaja Asif.

This is not the first time that a notable has been made a target of an ink attack. In 2007 ink was thrown on Ahmed Raza Kasuri by an angry lawyer.

Intelligentsia has been quick to draw parallels, stating that there is no room for such behaviour in a civilized society.

Many citizens are particularly worried about the accuser’s motivation behind the attack. Given that the misuse of the blasphemy law has cost Pakistan innocent lives in the past, people are in no mood to make light of the incident.

Although many of the condemnations were made rather begrudgingly, there is no denying that even this “feeble” show of solidarity is a welcome change in Pakistan’s otherwise highly hostile political environment.

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There are many, many ways of protesting our differences, but physical intimidation can, under no circumstances be endorsed as one of them. The fact that Pakistan has come out strongly against the incident is a manifestation of political maturity and certainly a move in the right direction.