19 “We’re Not The Same” Jokes On Twitter That Will Make You Giggle

Source: Pak101

Twitter is flooding with “we’re not the same” jokes and people are having a ball creating and reading them!


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Here are 19 “we’re not the same” jokes that’ll definitely tickle your funny bone!

1. Which disappointment is real tho?!

2. “They” both want a good result but have very different approaches to acing the exams!


3. Who do you think is more important huh?

4. Oooopsss!

5. We’re sure the girl getting the jewelry has no problem not being the same!

6. That’s not a good place to be!

7. Whoops! What a horror story you must have told the poor soul!


8. Well, degree attestation is one hell of a task!


9. We so understand your pain, sista!


10. The girl is in for all the right reasons!

11. Who would make “her” happier, we wonder?

12. Is this a reference to Kang and Kodos?!


13. Both do their job quite well!

14. The influence to get someone to dye their hair is real!


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15. Anyone can cook, but only the fearless can be great – Ratatouille.


16. Leftovers are the best!

17. Only dog lovers can relate to how happy this person must be!


18. Who is doing it right?

19. Oh, the big debate continues!

What are your favorite “we’re not the same” jokes? Tell us below in the comments!