15 Tweets To Help You Pass Time While You Wait For Money Heist Season 4

money heist season 4
Source: Honk News

Well, don’t know if it’s the self-isolation getting to us or our love for the series is for real but the world seems to be on tenterhooks and counting seconds until Money Heist Season 4 makes it to Netflix.

With still a couple of hours left, here are 15 tweets to help you pass your time till Money Heist Season 4 goes live!

1. Arghh..! Even these two hours feel like 2 days to some, ISTG!

2. The “Professor” will be teaching all the folks working from home some real life hacks this season…


3. …Because he has three years of experience behind him while you’ve barely completed three weeks!

4. The only class everyone is ready for!

5. Finally, someone said it!

6. Arturito = Annoyance to a wholly different f**king level!

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7. Only if we had the patience level of Berlin!

8. STAY AWAY from social media because the spoilers are already out! Don’t say I didn’t warn you!


9. Is Nairobi gonna die? Or not? People just wait and log out!

10. The pain is real… I feel you!


11. Well, with whatever has already happened in 2020, I’ve no doubts!

Also, Pakistani hacking teams helped professor. Remember?

12. Right now, everyone seems to have at least one person in the family who’s just woken up from under a rock!

13. Bella Ciao Bella Ciao Bella Ciao Ciao Ciao

14. Those of you who still haven’t… please, go get going while you still have time!

15. Actual picture of me since last night!