10 Things You Must Know About iOS11 If You’re an Apple User

Image Source: https://9to5mac.com

After running numerous beta trials iOS11 has finally arrived and Apple fans are in frenzy!

Twitter is breaking right now with memes and GIFs on the various new features that the update has introduced.

While some fans are ecstatic…

Others are not so happy.

Truth be told, if you’re an Apple user, you will have to invest a little time and energy to understand the new features to navigate your device without hassle again.

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Of the many changes that iOS11 has introduced, I’ve compiled the 10 most important ones in this post. If you understand these, the rest won’t be as hard to catch up with.

1. What’s Changed in the Control Center?

The good news is that all the features of the Control Center are now available in one page, saving you the hassle of unnecessary swiping.

The bad news is that some shortcuts are hidden, so you’ll need help understanding how to access them.

Deep pressing (or long pressing on iPads) is the key to easy access. For instance, deep/long pressing on the network icon will take you to AirDrop and/or network hotspot.

Similarly, deep/long pressing the brightness indicator will take you to “Night Shift” and other functions.

2. Emergency Mode

This is a very important new addition, so, read carefully.

During an emergency situation, press the sleep/wake button five times to activate emergency mode. If you’re an iPhone X user, long press the sleep/wake button and the volume button.

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Once the Emergency Mode is activated Touch and Face IDs will be deactivated so you can’t be forced to unlock your phone.

The screen will also provide you with important medical and other information to guide you through the crises.

3. Recording Screen

While previously apps had to be downloaded to record the screen, with iOS11 this feature has been added to your device. Cool, I know!

All you have to do is add a custom shortcut to your Control Center to record screen activity.

From the point the command is given it will take 3 seconds for your device to begin recording your screen.

4. GIFS can Finally be Saved

If you’re a GIF lover, you will love iOS11 simply for this new feature.

You can now save, display and share all your favourite GIFs through your Apple device.

5. Drive Safe with iOS11

This is a really neat feature to help drivers focus on the road instead of their ever buzzing phone!

See, if you connect your phone to the car through Bluetooth, the “Do not disturb while driving” mode will be automatically activated. This will silence all notifications to help you concentrate on the road.

If you don’t use Bluetooth, your phone can also auto-detect that you’re driving based on accelerometers and location data.

6. Smaller Photos and Videos

A better phone camera means creating heavier files each time we take a photo or make a video. This takes up a ton of space on the device.

iOS11 has come up with the perfect solution for this problem with the use of HEIF and HEVC.

This will make your media files half their actual size without compromising their quality. iOS will automatically convert them to JPEG and MP4 formats when you e-mail these files so that non-iOS users can access them.

7. Ever-Notes Just Became Better

The notes app on iPad can now scan documents. I can also index your handwriting now, enabling you to search for your notes with ease later.

8. Password Sharing

We’re all familiar with the hassle of adding a WiFi network to our device, especially when the password is complicated and takes a few tries for us to get it right.

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But with this new iOS11 feature, life will become much easier – at least for Apple users.

You see, when someone tries to join the WiFi network that you’re on, you’ll get a notification that will enable you to share the password instantly.

9. AirPods Just Got Cooler

Your AirPods can now be configured to perform two different functions. For example, tap your right AirPod to move to the next track and your right AirPod to conjure Siri!

10. Efficient Use of Limited Storage

With no external storage, Apple users are always looking for ways to overcome their space management woes. Things will improve a tad bit with iOS11.

Just change the App Store settings to delete less frequently used apps automatically. This way, the icons of these apps will remain in your phone but not the app itself. The next time you tap such an app to use, it will first be downloaded from the App Store.