What I Learnt from Hussain (R.A)

Lessons from the Life of Hussain (R.A)

There comes a point in life where you begin to realize the fact that we are all on a journey that has a definite start point and an obvious end. As you think deeper you understand that this expedition without purpose would make little sense. Next, you begin to wonder if there is anything that you can do to guarantee satisfaction by the time the last few moments of your story are about to unfold. Subsequently, you look back to see how your ancestors were able to utilize their time on this planet. You look for a story that can inspire and provide an answer to your queries.

Gradually, you begin to appreciate the fact that satisfaction only comes when you are able to help those who can be of no help to you. Finally, you reach the conclusion that perhaps kindness and selflessness are the key to a successful life and ingredients of a remarkable story worth remembering. When one talks of selflessness the story of Hazrat Hussain (R.A) comes to mind, almost immediately. His life based on principles and his great sacrifice is a lesson for all of us.

I choose not to worry about how scholars from different schools of thought narrate his story. I choose not to worry about where they differ. I choose not to take sides here but I certainly choose to learn from the brave Muslim hero and even though, I understand I will never be able to reach his level of devotion, I still try to incorporate lessons from his exemplary sacrifice in my life.

I write this article to share with you the three important lessons of life that I was able to learn from Hussain (R.A).

1. Providing Assistance to the Vulnerable Communities
The life of Hussain (R.A) clearly indicates that it is the responsibility of the “Haves” to provide assistance to the “Have Nots”. The satisfaction that we are all after only comes from being kind and helpful towards the needy to whatever extent possible without expecting a favor in return.

This also means that an individual or a community that you are good to might or might not be able to appreciate your gesture. However, the challenge actually is not to give up on good behavior but to expect a reward for it in the hereafter.

2. Selflessness and Sacrifice
While making a decision, most of us think of how a given action is going to be of benefit to us. This attitude eventually leads towards a selfish society where in pursuit of securing personal benefits more and more individuals become blind to basic requirements of other people around them. And so, within no time the “Law of the Jungle” begins to dominate and ultimately, even the fittest are left isolated and struggle for a decent survival.

The life of Hussain (R.A) however, teaches us a different lesson. He was a selfless individual who seemed more concerned with making decisions that were right even if they were of no benefit to him. To him it was important to stand firm on his stance that was based on pious principles even if he had to sacrifice his self-interest and pay a heavy price for it.

Thus, the moment we learn to do what our conscious tells us to do, is perhaps the point where our story begins to inspire others and where our journey (even if apparently difficult) becomes a life lesson for generations to come.

3. The Length of the Journey is INSIGNIFICANT
Hussain (R.A) is a primary example of why the duration of our stay on this planet is insignificant. If we do it the right way even a few years are enough to leave behind an impression for the rest of humanity.

Therefore, learning from the life of Hussain (R.A) I can safely say that a successful life is certainly not about how long we stay here but about how well we conduct ourselves. He has been able to inspire generations not because he secured his self-interest but because he valued the interest of those who were vulnerable. Hussain (R.A) is a hero not because he was a prince but because he knew the value of sacrifice.