We All Have Experienced These Funny Embarrassing Moments Once In Our Lives!

Funny Embarrassing Moments

We all come across incidents in life that are both hilarious and awkward. Here is a look at three such funny embarrassing moments that we all have experienced.

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3. Slipping on a Road

Slipping on a road is something that almost all of us experience at least once in five years. It is the worst thing that can happen to you especially, when you were wearing one of your favorite clothes or when you were just about to leave for this important meeting that meant a lot to you.

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Worst still is the fact that most people around you for reasons best known to them begin to laugh on your face as if something really funny happened. Normally, despite being in pain there is little choice but to smile back and ignore the whole episode as if nothing happened. That is why road falls are almost like a king of funny embarrassing moments we all experience atleast once in our lives.

2. Caught Talking to Yourself


We all talk to ourselves still, we are quick to point out, embarrass and inform that it is not a good thing when we see other people doing it.

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Once caught generally people come up with different excuses to explain their behavior which includes reasons such as preparing for an important presentation and making up your mind just before an important life decision etc. However, in reality more often than not we end up talking to ourselves while we day dream and we do that because it allows us to feel happy!

1. Farting in Public


We all have that bad day when gas begins to give all kinds of trouble. Still, little will anyone care about your health once you are caught farting in public.

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You are lucky if there is no sound and it is just the bad smell that raises eye brows right, left and center.  In such a scenario, you can really join everyone around you, complain and curse the person who has done it!

Nevertheless, if someone has heard you doing it then there is little choice but to apologize and explain that you are not feeling too well.  There is little probability that your colleagues or friends will be able to understand your position however, they can’t kill you for it and hence, no matter how embarrassing it still is an offence that governments are yet to find a punishment for.

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