Types of People Found in Pakistani Airports

Jinnah International Airport, Karachi
Jinnah International Airport, Karachi

Two weeks ago when I was flying back from Karachi to Islamabad, I updated a status saying, “Airports, bus terminals and train stations are my favorite places. Here you will find people in their most vulnerable state emotionally.” But that is half the truth. For me what makes airports more entertaining and fascinating are certain types of interesting passengers found in more or less every Pakistani airport.  The following list encapsulates few of these types that I come across every time I fly.

1) First on the scene!


The person who arrives at the airport probably even before the crew and staff of that flight. For these people reaching the airport is like a race and they would do anything to win that race, even if it requires them to reach the airport at 6 AM for their 11 AM flight.

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So, next time if you see someone sulking around the check-in desk, looking at flight status screen time after time, do remember to pay my regards to them for their unwanted, unnecessary, self imposed, volunteer based patience. (Just kidding, stay away!)

2) Rebel without a Cause


Easily noticeable, these types of travelers are an epitome of “Mah lyf, Mah Rulez”. They make sure to create a scene and cause inconvenience for other people by choosing to either question or ignore every other rule, regulation, policy and safety protocol which are put in place for their own benefit. It’s as if they are on some kind of unannounced covert war against the system.

From arguing with the staff over an oily food or sharp object in their baggage to negotiating surplus charges on their overweight luggage at the check-in desk, these people have a special talent of annoying even nicest of airport authorities which subsequently takes a toll on people behind them in the queue. My advice; when you encounter such problematic people, just run in the opposite direction!

3) Sleepy Head


You usually get to see these sleep deprived souls during early morning flights. They would probably show up in the same PJs that they wore to bed last night, carrying travel pillows, walking like zombies and trying to make the most out of it by availing every opportunity no matter how small or big to catch some z’s. To be precise, while normal people doze off on the flight, these people fly during their sleep.

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In case, you come across such people, be a better human being and wake them up if they sleep through their boarding call.

4) One with the “Airport Look”


My favorite kind and completely opposite of the former one; these people actually put in effort to look good at the airport. They are aware of all the latest trends in airport styling and make it a point to flaunt this knowledge through their appearance. At one point in time I had almost concluded that they must have imaginary paparazzi following them, like we had an imaginary friend in our childhood. It would not be wrong if I describe these travelers as human placards yelling out loud, “one does not always need to look ugly to feel comfortable.”

Nonetheless, whatever it is that brings them this sort of motivation, I hope it stays with them their whole lives because not only they radiate positive energy and clean the aura (F.R.I.E.N.D.S reference) but they also make fellow passengers feel as if they are travelling in a very expensive airline.

5)  21st Century Nobles


Poor victims of elitism, these people are so habitual of VIP treatment and getting pampered that they might need an assistant to hire them a porter. Few of their privileges include that they do not have to wait in queues or go through any hustle if they arrive at the last minute; they never carry their bags and always have some custom guy with them throughout the process and lastly even if for some unfortunate reason they end up travelling in an economy class, they still get the protocol given in business one.

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Ironic but that is how things work in today’s material world. All you can do is; aspire to be like this person someday and if that doesn’t happen then you can always marry one!

I’m pretty sure this must be you right now!