4 Types Of People You’ll See On Chaand Raat In Pakistan

Types Of People On Chaand Raat
Image Source: Cine Challo

Pakistan and Pakistanis on Chaand Raat are a sight to behold! It’s the most stressful yet memorable time of the year and everyone has their agenda to tick off the list. Chaos, panic, and excitement rule the day while Pakistanis make the best use of this time. Here are the different types of people on Chaand Raat in Pakistan.

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Last Minute Buyers

No matter how early they start preparing for Eid, these are the ones who always leave last minute tasks on the list and so, when the moon-sighting is announced such people go on a shopping spree.

The Sorted Ones!

Exactly opposite of the last minute buyers, the sorted ones never leave any chore for the 11th hour. They do all the preparations beforehand; the reason why they spend their Chaand Raat all relaxed and chilled.

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Mehndi Lovers!

In Pakistan you’ll always find a bunch of girls getting Henna designs and buying bangles on Chaand Raat. Their patience and ability to function with Mehndi on both the hands will never cease to surprise me.

The All-You-Can-Eat Fantasizer

One of the most common types of people on Chaand Raat in Pakistan, these foodies only have all the food they can possibly eat on their mind. Eating out on a Chaand Raat is ritual for them!

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Which of these types are you and your family? Share with us in comments.