Three Easy-To-Cook Pakistani Desserts Other Than Sheer Khurma That You Should Try This Eid-ul-Fitr!

Easy-To-Cook Pakistani Desserts
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Eid-ul-Fitr is celebrated all across the world with a feast packed with sweet and sour delicacies. The case in Pakistan is no different! Every year people welcome their guests with Sheer Khurma on Eid-ul-Fitr in desi households. While this has invoked a national loyalty with Sheer Khurma, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that many Pakistanis are tired of having the same old meetha (dessert). So, here we are with three easy-to-cook Pakistani desserts that you should try instead of going with the same old Khurma.

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I know you must be rolling your eyes but anything that’s easy to cook and not Sheer Khurma deserves to be on this list. There are different types of Kheer but the simplest one uses rice and milk as core ingredients.

Slow-cooked on a low flame, when the mixture of rice and milk thickens, add sugar and nuts. When the sugar gets dissolved, dish it out, put it in a fridge and present to the guests when it’s chilled.

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Don’t @ me! Phirni is another easy-to-cook Pakistani dessert that is eligible to take the place of Sheer Khurma on your Eid table. Soak rice, blend them and add to boiled milk. Slow cook the mixture, add sugar and crushed almonds once the mixture thickens and turns light brown. Let the sugar dissolve and then add a few drops of Khewra. Take it out when the mixture thickens! Sprinkle with nuts and your Phirni is good to go!

Shahi Tukray a.k.a Double Ka Meetha

Doubla Ka Meetha or Shahi Tukray is probably the best replacement for Sheer Khurma on Eid and so, sits at our list of easy-to-cook Pakistani desserts. Fry pieces of bread in oil and on a side, slow cook sugar in water to make Sheera. Once the pieces of bread are deeply fried, get rid of the excess oil and add the bread pieces in Sheera after adding Zarda color to the sweet mixture. Pour in some milk, put the lid on and cook it on low flame. Take out the dish after 8-10 minutes and dress it with Khoya. Your Shahi Tukray are ready to serve!

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What desserts do you make on Eid-ul-Fitr? Are you team Sheer Khurma or not? Let us know in the comments!