This Underrated Patriotic Song By Umer Farooq Should Be On Every Pakistani’s Playlist!


We, Pakistanis are celebrating 71 years of independence. It goes without saying that throughout our history patriotic songs have played an important role in keeping the spirits of the nation high on one hand and have kept the sacrifices of our ancestors alive on the other.

Over the last few years however, there has been an emphasis on rehashing existing national songs rather than creating new, memorable melodies.

That said, there have been some attempts that deserve mainstream attention, however despite being deeply moving efforts, they remain known to very few. “Pakistan,” a song by Umer Farooq is among these musical endeavors.

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If I were to describe this song in one line, I would say, it artistically articulates how it is to be PAKISTAN!

Although extremely underrated, having not reached many Pakistanis, I believe it deserves to be widely listened to, and should be made the nation’s motivational anthem! I say this because the song speaks about all the difficulties that our country and its people keep encountering and how Pakistan keeps going forward nevertheless!

The song has a haunting yet delightfully delicate intro.

Mushkilein toh aati hain
Hamesha Mushkilon se larna koi..
Humse Seekhay

Manzilein toh hoti nahi asaan
Manzilon ka raasta koi..
Humse poochhay

The simplest of chorus is follows.

Pakistan, aagay jaayega

As soon as the chorus reaches the crescendo and the higher notes, one can’t help but sing along.

The thing I find the most beautiful about this verse is that it continuously rises with the melody, bringing the lyrics and the tempo of the composition in complete harmony. The same goes for the music that begins from subtle guitar/bass riffs and reaches its apex with heavy guitar riffs and drums. This allows the song by Umer Farooq to resonate greater passion as it treads forward.

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The pre-chorus music piece is beautifully composed and performed.

Umer Farooq’s husky vocals go brilliantly with the song and add value to its overall feel.

The lyrics deserve a special mention as they not only serve as great motivators for the listeners but also recount all the sacrifices that Pakistanis as a nation have made and how we have kept our spirits high despite colossal challenges.

Asmaan se ooncha, humaara hausla
Sitaaron sa chamkay humaara karvaan
Chal parhay hain yeh qadam,
ab ruk na paayenge..
Naya din, nayi subhah,
hum le kar aayenge..

Museebatein barri larr kea aye hain
Jaanein Qurbaan kayi kar kea aye hain
Hausle barre azm hai jawaan
Likhenge nayi, phir se dastaaan…

The chorus towards the end gives an auditorium/concert-like feel making me wish dearly to experience this song in a live concert with thousands of Pakistanis waving the national flag, clapping and singing along!

Pakistan aagay jaayega
Pakistan aagay jaayega”

I hope you find this wonderful song by Umer Farooq to be as inspiring as I did and that it receives the appreciation that it deserves!

Happy Independence!