3 Major Flaws In Trevor Noah’s Comparison Of Imran Khan With Donald Trump

Flaws In Trevor Noah's Comparison Of Imran Khan With Donald Trump

Famous for his hilarious political commentary and ruthlessly roasting political leaders from around the world, this time Trevor Noah decided to take a dig at Pakistan’s Prime Minister-in-waiting, Imran Khan. The four-minute and forty-five seconds feature on the Daily Show sought to highlight striking similarities between the two leaders, calling them twins. While some of the points of analysis seem disturbingly convincing and despite the reservations I have against IK, there are few flaws in Trevor Noah’s comparison of Imran Khan with Donald Trump that should be acknowledged.

But first, let’s have a look at the trail of mixed emotions which kept social media abuzz following the broadcast of Trevor’s another controversial piece.

Many took to Twitter to express their disagreement with the notion!


Then, there were those who couldn’t help but see a silver lining!


Some felt thrilled about the rage Noah was destined to face once the PTI supporters watch the video.


Because NAB is supreme….

There’s no way we can forget Hamza Ali Abbasi while discussing Khan sb.

How can we not include these hilarious takes on the whole episode!


And the sane voices that are worth the attention!


That being said, it wouldn’t be wrong to claim that Noah went a little overboard with the whole idea and overlooked some basic facts which set Khan apart. Here are the flaws in Trevor Noah’s comparison of Imran Khan with Donald Trump.

1. Pakistan’s National Dress Isn’t Thawb/Kandura!

Flaws In Trevor Noah's Comparison Of Imran Khan With Donald Trump

Despite several attempts made by tourists to show the world the real Pakistan, western media has always resorted to misrepresentation and cultural appropriation while portraying the country. We all are aware of how Homeland, an American television series, shamelessly depicted Islamabad (one of the most beautiful and progressive cities of South Asia) as a barren desert, resembling Afghanistan.

And now, having condemned cultural appropriation several times, Noah himself committed the mistake that Muslims all around the world wear Kandura or Thawb. I mean how on earth can you not differentiate between a Thawb or Kandura (a traditional Arab garment) and Kamiz Shalwar (the national dress of Pakistan). It’s indeed an embarrassing mistake made by the research team at the Daily Show! I hope they use Google next time to fact-check before producing content for a national TV channel.

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2. Imran’s Victory Speech Didn’t Bring Shame To The Country!

Unlike Trump who utterly embarrassed his whole nation (which btw is a superpower) with a victory speech that lacked eloquence and gravitas, Khan’s words sounded like the one of a statesman and thus, compelled even his detractors to sing his praises.

Moreover, while Trump’s vision for the USA’s foreign policies has always revolved around xenophobia, blatant discrimination, ramped up violence and hatemongering, Khan has expressed more positive aspirations even towards countries like India, an arch rival of Pakistan. Even if we regard the stance as an eyewash, we cannot deny that the former Pakistani captain seems more capable of fostering productive international relations which is something Trump can never be accredited with.

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3. Khan Takes Criticism Better & More Patiently

Flaws In Trevor Noah's Comparison Of Imran Khan With Donald Trump
In an Indian talkshow, Simi Garewal expressed her disagreement with Imran Khan to which the latter responded with a smile. They still share a friendly relationship.

Although Khan has made personal attacks on certain politicians and indulges in nitpicking against his rivals, we cannot deny the fact that these are a handful of people and not everyone can provoke Khan into talking gibberish.

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There have been many occasions when Khan took criticism constructively regardless of his disagreement and behaved like a civilized gentleman instead of going on a Twitter rant. Trump, on the other hand, is rather known for picking up fights with everyone who questions his viewpoint, whether its an actor, a sportsperson, a politician or even someone from his own administration.

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These glaring differences are enough to explain why Imran Khan’s comparison with Donald Trump to some extent is selective!