Hear, Hear! All The Students Face These 3 Annoying Questions At Some Point In Their Lives

Students Face These 3 Annoying Questions

If meeting irrational deadlines, submitting bulks of assignments and taking exams twice a semester was not enough, we students face certain annoying questions on daily basis which enrage the core of our existence but all we do is smile because social constraints! What are those annoying questions that all of us as a student have answered at some point in our lives. Let’s take a look!

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1. When Are You Getting Married?

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I can totally imagine boys shrugging their shoulders to express their disagreement on this one. But yes, girls in their early to mid 20s are asked this question all the time. Despite knowing that these girls are studying and if any such thing comes up, concerned people will be informed, relatives become an embodiment of question mark inquiring about the wedding as if they want to pay for the arrangements.

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I don’t even find this query annoying anymore! My go-to shutting up answer to this question is, “whenever you find a groom for me.” It also leaves a window for you to ask that relative to find a groom in a subtle manner if you think you’re ready for the commitment.

2. Have You Gained Or Shed A Few Pounds?

Students Face These 3 Annoying Questions

This question pierces through the heart of a person trying to gain weight or lose it like a dagger. How my weight is someone else’s headache is beyond me but still, to survive such an irritating question all you can do is take a deep breath, smile and ask them if they intend to marry their son/daughter to you. Ugly or not, given our social norms, you will never be asked such a question by anyone in that circle again.

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3. What Is Your GPA?

Students Face These 3 Annoying Questions

Already struggling with self-esteem issues, when a student is asked to share their GPA, it gives them a flashback of all those mistakes they committed which led to this catastrophe that they call their GPA, all those times appear in front of their moist eyes when they chose to sleep, eat or finish a season instead of dumping their head in the books.

Do you really want to be a reason of such devastating pain and psychological torture in someone’s life? What if you had been bombarded with such a question of mass destruction? Even a thought of it sends shiver down my spine! So spare these innocent students the horror and be sensitive enough not to ask the Trump of all annoying questions i.e. what is your GPA!

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