Speed Thrills but Kills – How to Avoid Road Accidents

How to avoid road accidents
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We are living in the era of science and modern technology, which has made our lives luxurious. In early days people used to travel on donkey carts or on foot to reach their destinations. However, now due to the grace and blessings of modern technology many a miles of distances are covered within a few hours.

That said, while technology has made our lives easier, the element of human error always looms over our heads posing danger. For this reason, every year new cars and motor bikes are launched with engines that are more sophisticated and internal features for improved safety to minimize the rate of injuries in case of collision. However, we continue to come across news items detailing causalities due to road accidents on daily basis.

While human error is mostly unconscious, at times we must evaluate our behaviours to ensure that we do not take unnecessary risks that could potentially put us and others in harm’s way.

So, What are some of these risky behaviours that cause road accidents?

Alcohol makes people psychologically weak and less in control of their emotions. It also leads to aggression. For these reasons people driving under influence are likely to drive rashly.


Car and motor bike races are fun to watch but only on television – certainly not in the real life! Every year many teenagers participate in informal race competitions and end up losing their lives.


People who are under immense psychological pressure and depression might sometimes lose their ability to think and behave rationally. Thus, people battling depression and stress, overpowered by anger and frustration might indulge in rash behaviour on the road.

Cell Phones

Using cell phones while driving is actually an invitation for road accidents to occur. While there are laws in Pakistan prohibiting drivers from using cell phones while behind the wheel, very few actually abide by this law.

So, what can be done to stay safe on the road?
Control the Speed – Duh!

It is important to lower the speed near schools, hospitals, neighbourhoods and on narrow roads.

Respect the Pedestrians

Pedestrians hold the first right on the roads so please ALWAYS respect the pedestrians. Also give children and old people special respect while driving.

Avoid Drugs

Drugs can slows down reflexes and cause temporary mental disorders such as Paranoia. So, please say no to alcohol and other drugs while driving.

Wear Seat Belts

Always wear the seat belt not just while driving but also when you are the passenger. According to a survey 63% of those who die in road accidents do not wear seat belts!