3 Signs You Are Friends With A Meme Dealer!

Signs You Are Friends With A Meme Dealer

Do you know that according to a study, an average human comes across at least 4 types of friends in their life? I hope you don’t because I was just kidding. No such research has ever been conducted! But if someone decides to take up the task, one type will surely make it to the elementary list. These are the MEME DEALERS! Coming in normal packaging, you won’t be able to judge what’s their game at the first sight and they’ll only start showing their true colors once you get to befriend them. How to know if the person you call your friend is a member of Meme Suppliers Group (MSG)? Here are the signs you are friends with a meme dealer!

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1. They Bombard You With Memes Day And Night!
Signs You Are Friends With A Meme Dealer
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You wake up to the notifications of being tagged by this mortal on meme pages and sleep to the viral videos sent by this friend on Watsapp that are bound to give birth to numerous memes the next day.

In between, you are bombarded with more memes at the rate of 1 hilarious photo or video per 30 minutes. It’s so bad that if you had a dollar for every time this friend exposed you to a meme, you would probably have been a billionaire by now. But sadly, that’s not how the things work and all you have at your disposal is an unending stock of funny pictures and no money to keep you going against the struggles of life.

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2. You Are Always Updated On New Fads Flooding The Internet

If you have a meme dealer in the guise of a friend, there is no way you can remain uninformed about the fresh content breaking the internet. In fact, you might gradually turn into a person who is usually the first to enlighten their group with new catch phrases buzzing on social media.

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3. You Feel Concerned If A Day Goes By Without A Meme From This Friend


You become so habitual to the existence of this friend in your life that despite finding them annoying, you get worried if a day goes by without any meme notification from them. A mix of funny and weird ideas take over your cognition and you begin wondering if they have been kidnapped, murdered or forgot to pay their internet bill.

Whatever the case be, you will make an effort to know the truth and as an act of condolence start tagging this and all other friends in memes from then onwards, marking the official beginning of your career as a meme dealer.

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