Teaser Alert: Rai – The Living Miracle Promises To Showcase The Resilient Side Of Pakistan


Pakistani filmmakers, it seems are on a roll these days. From high budget films produced by large production houses to independent filmmakers daring to experiment with diverse genres, Pakistan is out to make its presence felt on the global cinematic map. The recently released teaser of Rai – The Living Miracle is a proof of how Pakistani filmmakers are pushing the envelope to achieve excellence.

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Since it’s only a teaser, not much is revealed about the plot. However, what we do know is that Rai – The Living Miracle is a documentary film exploring the life of a Pakistani survivor of terrorism.

The teaser begins with shots of a busy public place followed by a close-up of a startled bird that flies off-camera with the sound of gunfire raging in the background. The teaser ends with a rather poetic image of a man walking through a beautiful landscape aided by a stick in one hand.

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We reached out to the director of the docu-film, Afshar Iqbal to learn more about his directorial.

“At this point we can’t reveal much about the story but I can tell you this much that Rai – The Living Miracle will highlight the resilient side of Pakistan that no one really talks about.”

When we asked Afshar to elaborate what he meant by the “…resilient side of Pakistan,” he shared, “For the last 15 years Pakistanis have been living under the shadow of terrorism. Thousands of our men, women, children and elderly have lost their lives in these tragic incidents. But despite being a nation that’s struggling with post-trauma stress, we all somehow manage to wake up every morning and go about the day without letting our worst fears take the best of us. This is true resilience.”

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Afshar laments the negative coverage that Pakistan often receives in the international press, “With Rai – The Living Miracle, I want to change the lens through which people view Pakistan. As a Pakistani filmmaker I want the world to empathize with our struggle against terrorism and with our citizens who live and laugh despite the deep scars this age of terror has left on all of us.”

The director also told Bolo Jawan that the documentary film, although complete is yet to win a distributor. “It’s very hard for independent filmmakers who don’t have pre-existing ties in the entertainment fraternity to showcase their products. We’re however, speaking with a lot of people to strike a distribution deal soon.”

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On our part, we’re very excited to see the full trailer and eventually the documentary film in its entirety. We wish the young filmmaker and his debut docu-film, Rai – The Living Miracle all the very best!

For now, you can catch the teaser by clicking on the link below.