Can We Talk About How Jaw Dropping Is Patari’s Baajay Aur Ballay!

Baajay Aur Ballay
Image Source: Patari Facebook Page

Patari dropped its new series named Baajay Aur Ballay last week and we are all hearts! A unique collaborative project by Irfan Junejo & Islamabad United and of course Patari, Baajay Aur Ballay, as the title signifies, is an awe-inspiring union of sports and music featuring “5 cities, 5 sports and 5 songs” and all that being captured through Junejo’s lens.

Although I was planning to write a review of the series when it ends but after watching the second episode which was released day before yesterday I just could not wait to express my wonderment. Speaks volumes, right!

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Here is why you should rush to your nearest device, log on to Youtube and binge-watch Baajay Aur Ballay!

1. Scnz by Irfan Junejo 


Let’s get one thing straight here; Irfan Junejo is that incredibly talented man who can even make a water tap look appealing and fun. Now imagine the magic he must have created when put amidst the beautiful landscapes of Islamabad and Quetta.

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Crackerjack cinematography, crisp editing and engaging content make up for a very strong feature of Baajay Aur Ballay, another work of sheer finesse by the one and only Junejo!
2. Telling Inspirational Stories!

This is the part where you get goose bumps! Like its other original series, Patari has made sure to introduce young Pakistani talent in Baajay Aur Ballay as well.

Be it Sajid from Quetta who learned an adventurous game like Parkour off the internet and made the first ever Pakistani group of Parkour boys or Sami Amiri who initially took the mic as an escape from worldly worries but soon became a Baloch rapping sensation, both the stories do complete justice with the song title Umeed-e-Karwaan (The Caravan of Hope) and give a message out loud, “when there is a will, there is a way.”

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Following a different theme but continuing the legacy of producing moving content, in the 2nd episode of Baajay Aur Ballay we can see rising Cricket star Shadab Khan reminiscing good old days while hanging around with close friends from his first club minutes after Jasim Haider and the Pindi Boys share a funny story about how the band actually got together in the first place. Not only has the video perfectly epitomized Dosti (friendship), name of the featured song, but also reflects on the beauty of a bond like friendship.

Packed with overwhelming moments, Baajay Aur Ballay is nothing short of an inspiration dose we all need to keep up with the hustles of life.
3. Perfect Mix of Creativity & Inclusivity!

Sports and music have entertained the country for years now but separately. Who knew the combination of two could double the magic! Cherry on the top is the way vlogging has been incorporated into the whole plan; Baajay Aur Ballay has creativity at its best. A big shout out to the brains behind the idea guys!

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Also, at no single point do we see the main product i.e. the song being overshadowed by any of the elements mentioned above or personalities in the video. In fact, the whole story build up further enhances the experience and blows life into the number. Compositions are par excellence, stand on their own and will make it to your replay list I bet!

Last but not the least is Patari’s conscious effort to include singers and sportsmen from all across the country, belonging to diverse cultural backgrounds. Along with adding colors to the series, this inclusivity gives the nation another common ground to unite upon just like Baajay Aur Ballay (music and sports) have always done in the past.

Kudos to Patari, Islamabad United & Irfan Junejo for coming up with such a piece of art!

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