These Changes In Islamabad Are Killing The Capital’s Buzz And We’re So Not Happy!

Changes in Islamabad

Pakistan’s capital city Islamabad was once among the most beautiful cities of the planet and to be honest, to a certain degree it still is. However, it is unfortunate that the city is fast becoming a difficult place to live in owing to multiple changes in Islamabad.

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Here is a look at changes in Islamabad and why because of them the capital of Pakistan is not the same anymore!

1. No Respect for One Way Traffic Laws


After having travelled in different parts of the country I have no doubt in mind that Islamabad owns the most organized traffic system in Pakistan. Still, ever since sit-ins and protests became a norm, I see a lot of drivers violating the one way traffic laws something that wasn’t as visible a few years back as it is now and something that if not checked now is bound to make way for chaotic road blocks in the long run.

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2. Broken Roads
Broken Roads
Image Source: Express Tribune

It is just awful that roads in the city are not in good shape and that even the most posh sectors of the capital have quite a few roads that are broken and that require to be fixed immediately. It seems that the authorities concerned have not bothered much during the last five years or so and that maintaining roads in the capital city is no longer a priority!

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3. Fast Becoming Dirty
Garbage in Islamabad
Image Source: Express Tribune

Be it the markets or the neighborhoods, a rise in population is fast resulting in the city becoming dirty. There is a dire need for the authorities concerned to devise a strategy to control pollution and for the inhabitants of the city to mend their ways!

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Moreover, the so called development projects have resulted in eliminating a number of green belt areas and hence, in reducing the beauty of the city.

4. Complicated Routes

Complicated routes

Again, all thanks to different so called development projects the city’s routes have become long and complicated. Therefore, despite living all my life in the city even I at times find myself lost particularly, when driving at nigh, thanks to the changes in Islamabad!

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5. Too Expensive to Afford
Too Expensive to Afford
Too Expensive to Afford

Be it the daily use commodities or the house rents, the city over the years has become a very expensive place to live in. If the trend continues I suspect, it is a matter of time before people belonging to middle class will have little choice but to surrender the city to those who have a political background and/or who belong to rich families.

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6. A Prolonged Allergy Season

A Prolonged Allergy Season

All thanks to poor planning of the authorities concerned and because of plantation that was never going to be human friendly, the time from March to May and from August to October is filled with all sorts of seasonal allergies that makes life difficult for a lot of individuals.

Now this gives me hope that in the long run not even the country’s elite would be to settle in Islamabad for too long and hence, someday mother nature will eventually find enough space and time to heal the place back to its normal self!

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