This Police Officer’s Poem For APS Martyrs is Winning Hearts


Malik Arshad, a local police officer, recently posted a video of him in which, he is reciting a poem that he penned down as a tribute to the martyrs of Army Public School, Peshawar.

The four days since the video was posted on Facebook, it has achieved viral status with 67,000 likes, 72,961 shares and 23,432 comments.

Arshad begins the video by stating that his kalam (i.e. poem) is a depiction of the sentiments of the Pakistani people.

Rightly so, the poem most certainly voices the thoughts of the millions of Pakistanis who are not ready to bow down to the extremists despite being subjected to numerous terrorist attacks over the last 12 years.

Directly speaking to the terrorists, Arshad begins his poem with these verses:

“Meri qoum ky bachoon ko bhi kamzor na samajhna / Bachoon py waar kar ke khud ko shahzore na samajhna”

Translation: Do not think that the children of my nation are meek / By hurting our children it is you who comes out as weak

He then goes on to list how Pakistanis have stood resilient against the terrorists, sending the latter into chaos.

Some extracts from the poem are especially heart rendering.

At one point, Arshad recites, “Hum seenay pay wardi rakhtay hain, seenay pay waar kartay hain / Haan magar dushman ky bachoon sy hum phir bhi payar kartay hain.”

Translation: We, in uniform will never strike from behind / But to our enemy’s children we will always be kind

The last word of the poem truly sums up the sentiment of all those who want to put an end to extremism and terrorism in Pakistan.

“Aur aab tou iiss jang mein khaki ik naya junoon shamil hai / Aman ki iiss tehreek mein mere bachoon ka khoon shamil hai”

“O soldier! In this war there is now a new zeal / For the blood of my children has become part of this movement for peace”

If you still haven’t seen it, click on the video below to watch Malik Arshad recite the full poem.

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