7 Pictures From Sindhi Culture Day That Will Make Your Monday Brighter

Sindhi Culture Day
A woman wearing a traditional headgear made with Sindh ajrak takes a selfie as she celebrates Sindhi Culture Day in Karachi on December 6, 2020. — AFP/Rizwan Tabassum

People from all over the province congregated to celebrate Sindhi culture Day on Sunday, 6th December. Scores of men, women and children from all walks of life were seen sporting the ajraks and Sindhi topis on this day.

Sindhi Culture Day is celebrated across the globe to demonstrate and honor their Culture. It is a way for Sindhis to unite and enjoy this auspicious occasion.

Breaking the coronavirus protocols, crowds of people gathered in the streets in celebration, singing and dancing to folk music, honoring their culture.

Let’s have a look at some of the best moments from yesterday’s commemoration

Sindhi Culture Day
Image Source: AFP/Rizwan Tabassum

A woman can be seen happily dancing to the tunes of folk music, clad in a traditional glasswork dress. Laden in multicolored bangles and heavy jewelry, reveling on this momentous Sindhi Culture Day.

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Sindhi Culture Day
Image Source: AFP/Rizwan Tabassum

Men and women, rich and poor, people from all segments of life amassed on roads to celebrate their culture day in Karachi, 6th December.

Image Source: AFP/Rizwan Tabassum

Women wearing vibrant colored dresses are dancing to folk songs, rejoicing on this significant day on Sunday.

Image Source: PPI/Shahid Ali

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Little kids were seen wrapped around the infamous Sindhi ajrak. The colors of this ajrak are significant to their culture.

Via Twitter

Celebrities also paid tribute to the culture on this day by donning the peculiar garb.

Image Source: INP/Yasir Rajput

A man can be seen wearing the traditional headgear in Hyderabad to honor his culture.

Image Source: INP/Yasir Rajput

A little girl posed with a decorated car to mark this day, 6th December, 2020, Sunday.

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