Jalal Sons & Master Tiles Wedding Attracted Grand Reactions From Pakistanis

jalal sons master tiles wedding
Source: The current / Propakistani

You might have heard about the big fat wedding that has been the talk of the town lately. It is the jalal sons and master tiles wedding that has us all caught up on social media with all the opulent visuals.

If you’re confused, here’s who’s who!

Well, thanks to the photographer who got us all ghareebs updated on the luxurious events!

From Atif Aslam to Rahat Fateh Ali Khan to Maulana Tariq Jamil; celebrities were also spotted at the grand events.

We’ve compiled some of the pics and videos from the exuberant jalal sons and master tiles family wedding for you!

Inevitably, the wedding caught people’s attention and has gathered a huge amount of reactions online!

Seems like they had a bar to meet!

We must appreciate their efforts, guys!

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Was that all to keep the kids entertained?

It felt like a world created from a magic wand, no?


The saddest part was watching the dessert table!

What in the heavens????!?!?!?!


I mean they should’ve invested in a proper show for generations to watch!

On a serious note guys, don’t follow their steps! Follow the SOPs.

What are your thoughts on this grand wedding? Share in the comments below!