Pakistanis Have Their Humor Intact Despite A Tense Security Situation Thanks To Khadim Rizvi

Khadim Rizvi
Source: Steemit

The countrywide protests led by Khadim Hussain Rizvi’s Tehreek-e-Labbaik (TLP) have entered into their third day. And while average Pakistanis are facing numerous hardships including a threat to their lives and security, the nation has not lost its sense of humor.

Pakistani social media is abuzz with scathing criticism against the controversial cleric and his supporters who have caused considerable damage to public property in the last three days. Frustrated with the unnecessary crises, many Pakistanis have taken refuge in humor. Memes and hilarious one-lines have become the first line of defense for those who are irked with the grim state of affairs but don’t know how to make things better.

Since the protests began on 31 October, Khadim Rizvi themed Halloween memes were certainly in order.

One joke that is particularly doing rounds is about Khadim Rizvi being invited by the Saudis for negotiations at their Istanbul consulate.

A recent video of Rizvi is also doing rounds in which he is explaining how TLP can sought Pakistan’s debt crisis and God knows his solution is GOLD…for those looking for a hearty laugh!

Some of Khadim Rizvi’s favourite words have also featured in wacky one-liners.

But it’s not just Rizvi who’s the subject of Pakistani satire right now. The government of the day is also receiving its share of honorable mentions.

Ahmer Naqvi’s interpretation of Rizvi’s recent tweet proclaiming TLP to be a “peaceful organization” was laugh-out-loud hilarious!

Since “shehar bund karwana” had been synonymous with Altaf bhai for almost three decades, the MQM leader and his contribution to chaos and crises was not forgotten.

While clerics have been threatening a bigger protest after the Jummah prayers, some Pakistanis are already busy praying…

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