Box Office Pakistan Will Be On a Roll in November


November will be a busy month for Box office Pakistan and a treat for cine goers in the country with back to back releases slated throughout the month. Some of the most sought out filmmakers will be releasing their films during the month showcasing a variety of genres.

Here, we take a quick look at this month’s releases and analyze if they will hit the bull’s eye at the box office!

4th November – Jeewan Hathi
Genre: Dark Comedy

The first Friday of November will see the release of “Jeewan Hathi”, a short film featuring an ensemble cast of  Samiya Mumtaz, Hina DilpazeerNaseeruddin Shah, Saife Hassan and Adnan Jaffar .

What’s Hot

The director duo of Meenu and Farjad Nabi have previously delivered good cinema in the shape of Zinda Bhag and so naturally the expectations from Jeewan Haathi are high. The interesting line-up of actors and the colorful characters in the trailer definitely have us intrigued!

What’s Not

It’s difficult to ascertain the plot from the rather abstract trailer. The characters and overall treatment projects it as a comedy, however the trailer did not carry enough punches to get us overtly excited.

11th November – Lahore Se Aagey

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Lahore se Aagey is among the most awaited Pakistani releases this year. The mix of seasoned and relatively new actors in the cast include Yasir Hussain, Saba Qamar, Atia Odho, Behroz Subzwari and Rubina Ashraf.

What’s Hot

The efforts of the film’s marketing team seem to have paid off since Lahore se Aagey has already generated a lot of positive hype. The breathtaking locales in the trailer, brilliant cinematography, peppy sound track and a trailer that inspires a lot of laughs all point that the film is headed in the right direction at the box office.

What’s Not

Karachi se Lahore (the predecessor to Lahore se Aagey) also had a fun-filled trailer, however the final product proved a bit of a disappointment in terms of engaging content. Let’s wait and watch if the sequel redeems the previous mistakes of its makers.

18th November – RAHM

Genre: Thriller

The theatrical poster labels RAHM as an Adaption of William Shekeaspear’s “Measure for Measure”. The cast boosts a line-up of gifted actors including, Nayyar Ejaz, Sanam Saeed and Sajid Hasan.

What’s Hot

The lead actors have a proven record of delivering powerhouse performances in the past and their acting prowess will certainly be an important factor in attracting audiences.

What’s Not

The trailer gives the feel of a tele- rather than feature film. This immediately serves to dampen the interest. Also, the fact that the film’s Facebook fanpage only has 69 fans and its trailer has been viewed a mere 99 times on Youtube are indicators of the absence of a marketing strategy. Even with limited funds, a decent social media (if not mass media) campaign could have been run to generate interest.

25th November – Dobara Phir Se

Genre: Comedy / Family Entertainer

November will close with another highly anticipated film, Dobara Phir Se, featuring  Ali Kazmi, Hareem Farooq, Adeel Hussain, Tooba Siddiqui, Sanam Saeed, Atiqa Odho and Shaz Khan.

What’s Hot

The trailer with its beautiful locations, good looking cast, soulful music and an overall youthful feel promises a wholesome family entertainer. The fact that the abundantly talented Mehreen Jabbar serves as the director is definitely an added reason to feel excited about Dobara Phir Se.

What’s Not

The film is made with the urban, multiplex audience in mind. This automatically limits its appeal among the overwhelming majority, i.e. the masses who frequent single screen theaters.