Music Mela 2018 Ended In Islamabad Last Night And What A Show!


For the last few days, we’ve been updating you about FACE Music Mela 2018 that hit the capital this past weekend. The two day affair was EVERYTHING that Islamabad needed to feel rejuvenated and alive!

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From stalwarts like Sajjad Ali and Aaroh to youth idols like Bilal Khan and Zoe Viccaji and from emerging talent like Roots and Wild Mangoes to international acts such as DJ Roxx Remora, FACE Music Mela 2018 was truly a musical experience that no one should have missed! The fact that the last day of the festival also featured the screening of PSL 3 final on the biggest screen in Islamabad just added to the crowd’s frenzy that much more!

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To sum-up the excitement and adrenaline pumping performances in a  few words was simply impossible. So, for those who could not be present at FACE Music Mela 2018 to experience the music mania themselves, we thought of bringing the experience to them.

Click the video below to enjoy two days worth of music madness in just four minutes!