Kamran Akmal Dropped The Match Winning Catch During The PSL 3 Final And Twitter Was Unforgiving!

Kamran Akmal Dropped The Match Winning Catch During The PSL 3 Final

The PSL 3 final last night was, in every sense of the word, spectacular! The infectious enthusiasm of the crowd, the fireworks, the adrenaline pumping moments during the match and of course the many hilarious memes all made 25th March 2018 a Sunday to remember!

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However, while the entire country seemed to be in a state of celebration during and after the match, there is one Pakistani who probably went home a very unhappy person. Yes, you guessed it, we’re talking about poor, poor Kamran Akmal.

Just when Islamabad United was four wickets down and in a bit of a fix, Kamran Akmal became an unlikely hero for his opponents when he dropped the match winning catch, ensuring the win for Islamabad.

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The moment Kamran Akmal dropped the match winning catch during the PSl 3 final, social media was alive with tweets and hilarious memes documenting Akmal’s debacle.

Scores of people (literally!) took snapshots of the catch-dropping moment, making Akmal’s bad fortune fodder for some serious, A-class humour.

With Akmal as their muse, the meme-makers had a field day!

Kamran Akmal PSL 3 Final Meme

Skipper of Peshawar Zalmi, Darren Sammy remained a favourite recurrent character in most memes.

Darren Sammy Kamran Akmal PSL 3 Final meme

Darren Sammy Kamran Akmal PSL 3 Final

If Kamran Akmal were a participant at the Aurat March!

Kamran Akmal PSL 3 Final meme

This one was brutal!

Kamran Akmal Catch Drop meme

We can’t stop laughing!

Kamran Akmal PSL 3 Final Catch Drop Meme

Humour aside, Kamran Akmal had a great run during PSL 3 and there was chatter about his return to the national team. However, with that dropped catch, it seems, we won’t see Akmal play for Team Green any time soon.

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This Pakistani diplomat based in Vienna nailed the whole fiasco when he borrowed Stanley Wolpert’s famous lines from Jinnah’s biography and gave them a Karam Akmal make-over!


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